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Start Planning Your Excuse For Work Tomorrow



Tomorrow is right up there with the Friday of the first round of the NCAA Tournament. Its gonna be one of those days you absolutely gotta take off. Between the Rangers/Habs game 3 watch party and Memorial Day weekend looming, Saloon is guaranteed to be an absolute show tonight. Half the city has Rangers fever, the other half has the itch for some summertime fun, and when you add that all up, that means the entire city wants to get shitfaced tonight. No better place to do that than at Saloon with the $30 all you can drink open bar.

So my suggestion is start planning your excuse now. Start faking sick this afternoon so when you use a sick day tomorrow its actually believable. Start telling fake stories about something being broken in your apartment so that you can take a vacation day to wait for the plumber/electrician/cable guy tomorrow. Fuck, tell your boss Nana might not make it through the night. Bottom line is after tonight at Saloon, you are NOT going to want to be in the office tomorrow morning. So figure out a plan.

Remember, we’ll be drawing the raffle winner for two tickets to game 4 on Sunday night. At the rate this is going, you could very well be in the building to watch the Rangers clinch their first trip to the Stanley Cup Finals in 20 years.

Booze: $30 open bar from puck drop to final whistle includes all beer and premium liquor, $4 Fireball shot specials, $18 buckets

Prizes: Tickets to Game 4 at MSG being raffled. We’ll select the winner tonight

Details: Doors open at 6pm, tables are first come first serve. 84th and York. Email with your name to get on the list for the open bar.