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DeSean Jackson and RG3 Hung Out This Weekend And Now Jackson Is On A Plane to DC

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TMZ - Looks like the Redskins are serious about DeSean Jackson — ’cause TMZ Sports has learned the WR hung out with RG3 in L.A. this weekend BEFORE he got on a plane to meet with the team in D.C. Sources tell us … DJ and Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III “spent several hours” together in Los Angeles — apparently things went well. Jackson is now on a plane destined for D.C. — where he’s reportedly set to meet with team honchos. Despite all the drama surrounding his release from the Eagles, we’re told DeSean has been laser-focused on football — and has been training like a maniac. There are several teams that have reportedly expressed interest in Jackson — but with the meeting between RG3 and DJ, it looks like the Redskins could have an edge.


I laughed out loud thinking about this goofy ass odd couple. One tweets Avril Lavigne lyrics, one tweets gang signs. One married his long term girlfriend, one doesn’t know what girlfriend means. I would love to have been able to be there when RG3 was talking to Jackson. RG3 is definitely the type of guy that says “LOL” after he says something he thinks is funny. Jackson is the kind of guy that would slap him. And I love it. I think this is what the Redskins need. The yang to RG3’s yin. DeSean Jackson will bring balance to the force. And as I hear it, Dan Snyder wants to sign him up TODAY. Doesn’t want to let him out of his sight without signing for way, way too much money. And because I’m beaten down, I am jovial about it. Another weapon on offense. Let’s make it happen. As long as he agrees not to kill anyone. Cause that’d be bad.