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Do Miami Heat Fans Hate Bam Adebayo?

OK so this is starting to make zero sense and it brings a couple of questions to mind. 

1). Are Heat fans not watching the Heat this season?

2). Do they hate Bam Adebayo?

I know there are a ton of things to do in Miami, but the Heat are LEGIT, have one of the best records in the NBA and are the current 2 seed in the East. I feel like they aren't one of these poverty franchises that have to deal with their fans not paying attention. Sure they may leave the arena early and miss a comeback

but when this team is good they usually show out. So that only leaves one other question. Why do they hate Bam? He's only having a career year and is a favorite for the Most Improved Player award. He's been a crucial piece to their puzzle this season and why they are so good. So how on earth can they STILL not come out and vote for him?

If this were a situation where these results were the first fan vote, I get it. The second fan vote would be a little weird that there wasn't a market correction, but this is the THIRD fan vote. We've had days where votes count as double (like today), and Bam still can't pass Tacko Fall. What is going on? Listen, nobody enjoys the Tacko joke more than me. I mean I am your typical Celtics homer but I can't even defend this. There is no way that more fans should be voting for Tacko than Bam. As awesome as Tacko is, he's played like 12 minutes. The fact that we are at this stage and Bam is still so far behind makes me question what Heat fans have against Bam. Like they aren't even close.

What confuses me is they showed out when it came to Jimmy Butler. I imagine not too many people in CHI/PHI/MIN voted for Jimmy so a lot of those I imagine are Heat fans. Well if you're voting for Jimmy how are you also not voting for Bam, who has been one of the best bigs in the entire league? Listen, if Heat fans aren't going to appreciate what he's doing this season, I will gladly take him off their hands. I will welcome Bam with open arms and show him what true fan love looks like. Shit, even Gordon Hayward got a shit ton of votes and he missed a month. Nobody spams All Star voting like us Celtics fans so allow us to give Bam the love he absolutely deserves.