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Matt Harvey Says He Hopes To Pitch 5-7 Games This Season

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USA Today – When pitchers announce they are undergoing Tommy John surgery, it is generally accepted that they will be out for an entire year. It’s much like ACL surgery, in that no matter how good the surgeon, how strong the rehab, that’s how long it takes to heal — at least. But in a recent interview with Sports Illustrated’s Tom Verducci, Matt Harvey said he’s looking to buck that trend and come back a few months early from the surgery.

“Of course, I won’t do it unless I’m cleared to do it,” he said, “but I want to pitch before the year ends. I want to make five, six, seven starts this year. I asked [the training staff], ‘If I want to come back in August, when do I need to start throwing off a mound?’ They said June 10. So that’s what we have penciled in right now. That’s the plan.
“I feel great. I don’t feel any soreness now. The ball is coming out of my hand great.”

Harvey underwent surgery in October of 2013. As Verducci points out, Dr. James Andrews estimates the recovery time to be 11.6 months, meaning that Harvey’s return shouldn’t come before the beginning of October at the earliest. So why would he want to risk it? Again from Verducci:

“I just want the peace of mind,” he said. “I want to go back out there and know I still have the stuff to strike out major league hitters. And I want to know that when I shut it down at the end of the year, I’m just like everybody else shutting it down. I don’t want to go through all this work and wonder all winter where I am. I want to be just like everybody else when this season ends and the next one starts.”

There is absolutely zero chance this happens. For so many reasons. 1) There’s no way he’s gonna be cleared. Even if he should medically be cleared, there’s no way the team will let a doctor tell Matt Harvey he’s good to go. If they do, they fucked up royally.  2) I think when push comes to shove and Matt Harvey realizes the next 9 months of rehab completely decides his fate health wise and that his financial mega contract , he won’t push himself to pitch meaningless games for the Mets in August and September. And 3) I think this is more of just a public relations move for Harvey to get people talking about him and baseball again. I think deep down he knows he’s got no shot but by acting dedicated and determined to pitch again this year, he looks committed to baseball again. We’re not talking about partying, we’re not talking about dating supermodels. All the sudden we’re talking about Matt Harvey pitching again. Not a bad PR move at all.

But if he is serious about it, its a HORRENDOUS decision.

PS – LOVE him putting Boras in his place. Thats the Harvey that all Mets fans love.