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The Chick Who Promised To Make 300 Sandwiches To Get Engaged Gets A Ring After #256

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ABC News – They finally got engaged — the 300 sandwich couple, that is. And it only took 256 sandwiches. Stephanie Smith gained Internet fame — and criticism — last fall after a story in the New York Post revealed Smith as the woman behind the blog 300Sandwiches and her quest for an engagement ring from her bread-and-meat loving boyfriend. At the time, critics called the story and the blog a gimmick for a book or movie deal. The two were engaged in Barbados, according to a post on her blog on Tuesday. So what was in number #256? It was called ”Kite Surf Fuel”: arepas with cheddar cheese, scrambled eggs, tomato and onion. She made it shortly after arriving in Barbados to meet her boyfriend-now-fiancee Eric Schulte. Her blog said she was “working” on sandwich 257 — the Fishkiller Fish Cutter when he proposed. Smith’s mission began in 2012 when, after preparing a turkey-and-swiss for Eric Schulte, he devoured it and told Smith, “Honey, you’re 300 sandwiches away from an engagement ring!” So will Smith continue the blog now that Schulte put a ring on it? It remains unclear, but Smith better update the bio section of her blog. “I will learn how to cook amazing food, we will learn more about each other, and hopefully my boyfriend will make good on his promise.”

What an IDIOT. Leaving 44 sandwiches on the table and shooting yourself in the foot a couple months early. Thats about as dumb as it gets. Most of us cave in on popping the question because of societal norms and because we’re afraid of our girlfriends. But you had the perfect set up. You had  a built in excuse because your chick wanted to hit this 300 sandwich goal. Gave you a huge time buffer and you got to enjoy delicious lunch along the way. But you caved at 256 and pulled the trigger early. Not only was it a stupid move for yourself, but you just set a bad precedent for anyone extorting sandwiches from their girlfriends in exchange for a ring. Now every girl thinks 300 sandwiches just means 250. You’re fucking with the whole balance of things, dude.

PS – I know this chick did this for attention and exposure for her blog but regardless, now that shes done, she is never gonna make this guy as much as a bowl of fucking oatmeal ever again for the rest of their marriage. She is absolutely done with making him food I guarantee that.