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Graphics Using Real Life Examples Show The True Size Of Everything In Game Of Thrones

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 3.32.29 PM

The Daily Dot – Since HBO’s hit fantasy series Game of Thrones burst onto TV screens three years ago, the now-iconic opening credits sequence has engraved geography of Westeros onto the minds of millions of fans across the world. Any Game of Thrones enthusiast worth their weight in Valyrian steel knows the Greyjoys hail from the desolate Iron Islands; that the Reach, seat of House Tyrell, is famed for its harvests; and that Lannister wealth and power is derived from the gold deposits that riddle their lands around Casterly Rock. What’s not so clear is the relationship these places have to one another—and to the real world. How long is the King’s Road? How big are Westeros’s cities? How does imposing mountain fortress the Eyrie rank up to America’s own famous monuments? We’ve taken it upon ourselves to put together a series of infographics, giving the Seven Kingdoms some much-needed real-world perspective. Scroll down for the complete mega-infographic, and click each one for a larger image.

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Alright so here’s what we learned: 1) Some people take being a Game of Thrones fan WAY to seriously and have WAY too much time on their hands making shit like this. 2) That Dragon is fucking HUGE. When does Khaleesi sick that son of a bitch on Westeros? Because, if we’re being honest here, ain’t nobody defeating that dragon. No Lannisters, no Lord Of Light, no Lady In Red or the monsters that come out of her pussy. Just give Khaleesi the crown.