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Mexican Livestock Expo Goes Horribly Wrong And Turns Into A Chair Fight Brawl

Fucking Mexican livestock expos. I’m not exactly sure what goes on at a Mexican Livestock Expo but I could have promised you it was NOT a safe place to be. Even before watching this video I had a feeling that there would be massive amounts of violence there. Just sounds like a place where a bunch of Mexicans are going to fight over roosters or some shit.

Anyway that fat Mexican in the red shirt can play for my team dodgeball team any day. You see him using his chair as a shield blocking all the other chairs? Thats textbook Dodgechair right there. Yea, sure, at one point he got totally faked out and he took some sort of bucket off the face but whatever. He stood there alone – the Leonidas of Mexican Livestock Expo War – and fought for his roosters.