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LaMelo Ball Is Shutting It Down In Australia And Will Be Focusing On His Race Horse (Named LAMELO) ... ALL-IN On Him Being A Knick

So LaMelo Ball is done in Australia. It's not really a shock as he was out with an injury and there was a rumor floating around that he'd shut it down and just get ready for the Draft. Now, I know what you're going to say. Typical LaMelo. All about him. He's going to be a bust. My guess is you're remembering this version of LaMelo: 

Instead he's now a 6'7" guard that is actually really damn good. He changed his game completely and isn't the dude cherry picking and looking to get 90 in a game. He's an elite passer. He's got the size to play on or off the ball. He's got handles. Obviously he can still score. 

There is no one in this class that has improved more than LaMelo. Him going over to Australia was the best thing for him. He played in a decent pro league, against guys that had some run in the NBA. More importantly he produced while over there. That says a lot, no matter what you think about the kid or his family. 

But now I hear he's focusing on his race horse too? Guess what? I've never been more all-in on the Knicks landing him. I don't care where they pick, they have to take the kid. This isn't like last year's lottery where it was Zion and then hope for Ja and then settle for RJ. Anywhere in the top-4 this year and I'm thrilled. Good luck figuring out who is going to be better going forward with Cole Anthony/Anthony Edwards/James Wiseman/LaMelo Ball. They are all in the same tier. Hell, even his brother thinks he'll be awesome in New York: 

Sure, there are questions about how consistent his jumper will be, but that goes with pretty much every single one of those guards I listed. Cole isn't a consistent shooter. Anthony Edwards is known for his ability to drive more than shoot. Don't let that deter you as a Knicks fan from wanting LaMelo in New York. 

All the best race horse owners are successful in New York. LaMelo, Dave, I'm sure there are others. Oh, the horses name? LAMELO. Gold.