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After The Flight Was Delayed For 2 Hours For Maintenance Issues, A Plane Took Off And Immediately Caught On Fire In The Air

You know, this is a classic little good news, little bad news situation. 

The good news is United Airlines had the wherewithal to delay the flight from taking off for 2 hours so they could fix it. I appreciate that. They knew something was off with the plane and they were not going to let the good people waiting at Newark Airport step foot onto the plane until they figured it out and repaired it. Good job, United.

And then of course, the bad news....

This is like an All Business Pete operation. 

"Did you try to fix it?" 

Pete: Yes

"And what happened?"

Pete: It still didn't work


Pete: So.....

And then it catches on fire. Thanks, Pete. 

Now obviously due to me writing this blog they landed back at the airport safely. And what is the going rate for scaring an airplane to death when it catches on fire?

Not bad! Shout out to them for tossing in that $10 meal voucher, fuck yes. Chaps would be elated, that's another plate of the world famous Newark Airport spaghetti.

This also had me thinking, how much do airlines budget for this type of thing per year? Where they know something will go wrong on a plane and they'll have to start passing out vouchers and free flights? It must be a tonnnnn. Way, way more than I previously thought. I mean think about it- they start giving people $1000 flight vouchers when they overbook a flight from New York to Florida, and that's without it catching on fire. 

So thankfully everyone is ok, they got a new plane, and they landed safely in LA. I've never been on a plane that malfunctioned, and it's certainly not on my bucket list either. I know it's been talked about a lot, but the fact we are so confident in hopping into these tubes and blasting through the air at 4 million MPH is still one of humanity's greatest accomplishments. If Lewis and Clark could see us now, man. They'd be so mad. Furious.



PS: I'm always reminded of this scene in the Truman Show whenever something like this happens. What a great movie. They are trying to scare Truman into not leaving, (but for some reason still have a travel agency office on the island, which makes no sense when you think about it, they could have just never introduced the idea of traveling to him and he would have been none the wiser, but anyway) so they put this poster up in the travel agency office. 

And speaking of the Truman Show and dark blogs, I once wrote a blog titled "Truman From "The Truman Show" Would Kill Himself Within A Year Of Entering The Real World". The thought of how the world's most recognizable man would adjust to the real world had been weighing on my mind for a while so I just went for it and typed 1,000 words about it. I still think about it now and then. Poor Truman.