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"We Should Have 'E-Games' At Barstool. We Don't." - David Portnoy

[Editor’s Note: This is solely a Clickbate Smits production. All about the content, pageviews, and jokes!]

Lord Portnoy has done it again with his weekly bashing of Smitty…and he’s absolutely right! Kind of! Not too sure what “E-Games” represents, but Barstool FOR SURE DOES NOT have an adequate E-Sports presence! It’s not like Smitty (and others) haven’t said that to Lord Portnoy for over 3 years now! Of COURSE Smitty and others in the office aren’t pro-gamers or know what’s needed to know about the likes of League Of Legends, The Overwatch League, CS:GO, Dota, and countless other competitive games and leagues! They’d just be idiots talking out of their dicks! Barstool Sports/Barstool Gametime would LOVE to have MULTIPLE E-Sports/pro-gaming personalities, reporters, and even teams under the Stool brand! Smitty of course ain’t it, and he’s admitted it for YEARS!

But you know what that blockhead Smitty and a few others have done?!?!? They’ve established a pretty damn impressive brand in that whippersnapperin’ “E-Games” world with Barstool Gametime! Over 3 years ago, Smitty and Coley played Mario Kart 64 on Halloween to the tune of 12K+ people (including the future WS Champion Chicago Cups) watching on Facebook Live! From there, Gametime was born, but it was an infrequent experiment only fired up when guests were in the office or a lazy Friday afternoon! Then about 2 years back, Smitty and others (specifically Devlin from the jump) saw NOBODY was using the Twitch channel for Barstool and decided to stream their balls to the bone at night! Since then, let’s me see, Barstool has:

– 75K followers on Twitch who follow original gaming who have garnered over 8.5 million views, all of which blow the balls off of ESPN, B/R, and other competitive “Sports Entertainment” companies!

– 80K on Twitter, 365K+ on IG, 70K+ Subs on YT, 300K+ on TikTok (and 10K+ for GeneralSmitty1v1 on the Tok, be sure to follow him) which features not only viral content any slapdick can post, but ORIGINAL GAMING CONTENT!

– Worked with and/or have established connections with the likes of Ninja, Rockstar, Hector Rodriguez, Ubisoft, Nadeshot, Activision and countless other HUGE deals in that young buckin’ “E-Games” world!

Not to mention some of the most viewed videos in Barstool HISTORY are just Smitty and his PS4 camera playing Fortnite! Totally not “E-Gaming” or anything!


Who knew smittybarstool1v1 wasn’t a bot?!

♬ original sound – barstoolgametime

And also brings upon moments that wouldn’t just be considered prototypical “Gaming” –

Not to mention Gametime and Twitch are HUGE opportunities for other bloggers/personalities who wish to establish themselves if they actually chose to put in the effort! Do you remember what Marty Mush was doing for Barstool before he started streaming himself on Twitch to make a name for himself? Me neither!!!

Then all of a sudden the Mush starts taking advantage of an opportunity, his bird flies into the wall and BOOM! He’s off to goddamn superstardom!

Add on all the sponsors Gametime has brought in and you’d think there might be something, ANYTHING here with those little rascals with their “E-Gaming” and Twitch, but nope! Lord Portnoy has proclaimed that Barstool has zero “E-Gaming” presence! And he’s right! Because whatever Lord Portnoy says, goes! All Hail Lord Portnoy! Go Pres Go! Go Pres Go! Go Pres Go!