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Remember the Girl From North Andover Who Made National Headlines When She Got Suspended From Her Volleyball Team For Being A Designated Driver? Well It Appears She Lied And Made The Entire Thing Up



By: Tom Duggan – October 22, 2013 - Law Enforcement sources tell the Valley Patriot this morning that the media hype surrounding North Andover High School student Erin Cox being suspended for allegedly giving her friend a ride from a drinking party was … a lie. Law enforcement sources in Boxford and North Andover told the Valley Patriot that social media posts show other students at the underage drinking party had posted on social media sites calling Cox a “liar” for claiming she was not at the underage drinking party when it was raided by police. Parents of children at the drinking party posted on the WGBH Boston blog, stating that all students at the party were driven home by parents, none were driven home by students and that Erin was at the party for a long time prior to the arrival of police. Sources in North Andover say that donations already given to Cox are being returned. Erin Cox is being charged with being a minor in possession of alcohol and is being arraigned at Lawrence District court today at 9AM. “Social media posts by other minors at the party were very reveling,” a North Andover Police Officer told the Valley Patriot Monday, asking that his name not be used. “What the media reported was the details of the student and her family and their attorney, and they just ran with it as if her version was fact. We now know that’ her version is in dispute, and there is a lot of evidence to show she was at that party a lot longer than she claimed and her family is telling people on social media that they are no longer accepting donations.”

I was waiting for the other shoe to drop in this case. I actually got a bunch of emails after we posted that story from people saying she was a liar. But as you know it’s not my policy to do any research at Barstool Sports so I didn’t pursue the leads. Instead I just waited for somebody else to blow the lid of this case and that day is today.

My question is how did this chick think she would get away with this? Like if you’re at a high school party and then say you got suspended for no reason and it becomes a National story that EVERYBODY is talking about you have to know it’s gonna blow up in your face right?  In fact I’m pretty sure this is where the exact phrase “what a web we weave when we practice to deceive” comes from.  I’m sure she lied to her parents and they ran with it.  She was probably cringing everytime they set up an interview for her to tell her story.   Or when they hired a lawyer to sue the school.  She just got in too deep and then it spiraled out of control. I bet she’s sort of relieved this charade is over. Sure her life is sort of ruined, but it’s still better than trying to keep all these balls in the air. That must have been stressful as fuck.

PS – The only thing I’ll say is the cop isn’t exactly being truthful when he says everybody just ran with the families side of the story. The cops said she wasn’t there and wasn’t drinking. That’s kind of what set this thing off. It wasn’t just her version. The police agreed with her originally.