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Chick Is Shocked To Discover Her Boyfriend Has Been Cheating On Her With Skinny Girls After She Gained Weight Because He Liked Curves





(Source) - A size 12 woman who gained seven stone because her boyfriend convinced her ‘bigger is better’ was mortified when she discovered he was cheating on her with eight ‘skinny minnies’. Cassie Payne, from north London, increased to a size 24 in four years after meeting her ex because he told her he thought curves were more attractive.  The 5ft 4ins 26-year-old was devastated when she discovered he’d been cheating on her with at least eight other women – and none of them were overweight. Cassie said: ‘I was shocked that he had been unfaithful but the biggest smack in the face was the fact that all the other women were thin. ‘When he admitted they were his type and that he’d gone off big girls I was mortified. I’d got so fat because I thought he preferred it when all the time he was going behind my back with thin girls.’



Here’s a pro tip for every single woman on the planet: no guys like fat chicks. A fat girl is never a guy’s “type.” Cassie Payne acting surprised that her boyfriend was fucking hotter chicks is as outrageous as it gets. You put on like 1,000 pounds because one time he said he likes curves? That was just him saying, “Actually you look a little fat today but it’s OK.” He was being nice, not asking you to go on the Super Size Me diet. Believing that your boyfriend wants you to get dumpster fat is pure insanity. NO guy likes fat chicks. NONE. I don’t care that he said it. It’s like a girlfriend telling me, “No I like that your dick is small, big ones hurt.” She’s just being fucking nice. In her head she’s thinking, “God I really wish John had a fucking python” but she’s just not going to say it. Same thing here. He’ll tell you he likes curves to your face, but in his mind he’s photoshopping the shit out of you. That’s just a fact.