The Big3 Dropped Some New Rules For Next Season And They Sound Awesome

Did Ice Cube do it again or did Ice Cube do it again? Listen, hate on it all you want but the Big3 is legit. It's quickly becoming a monster that has seen interest grow year after year. Every season they come back with some sort of rule change and this year it may be the best collection of ideas they've ever had. For starters, lowering the age limit to 22 is a great idea because there is definitely a ton of young talent out there that isn't on an NBA roster. So a league that was already competitive filled with older guys is now getting a shot in the arm with young talent hungry to get in the league. That's awesome. I mean it worked for Joe Johnson so anything can happen. Anything to improve the product I am down for.

I also love how they are saying fuck it, if you think you can hang in this league come try out. I'm sure there are people out there that think they could cook former NBA players, well now you have your chance to prove it and earn a shot at the combine. You want to find a way to generate interest in your league, tell the average Joe he'll have a chance to actually compete. Great idea in my opinion. The G-League already has open tryouts so this is a no brainer for the Big3 to adopt. How cool of a story would it be if some regular dude went to a tryout, got invited to the combine, made the Big3, balled out and got a NBA camp invite or some shit? You can't completely rule it out and that's what makes this so interesting for me.

But that's not the best part of these new rules. That's clearly the 1 on 1 when challenging a foul. It's sort of like when you play pickup and there's an iffy call that everyone can't agree on so someone steps up and shoots a three to determine who's ball it is. I'm all for making that a 1 on 1 competition, I feel like that has the potential to really amp up the shit talking which I am absolutely here for. I feel like as long as there is a way to limit the challenges so the whole game doesn't just turn into 1 on 1 every possession there's no way this is a bad idea. 

The Big3 is ever evolving which is pretty cool, the talent is getting better and better and the league becomes more legit by the season. It's fair to say this has actually worked out despite all the initial pushback and honestly it's a great way to keep basketball in our lives over the summer. It's wild Ice Cube actually pulled this off but then you remember pretty much everything he touches turns to gold, and I know personally I can't wait until we see all these changes in action. If you haven't watched much Big3 before, do yourself a favor because it's fun as hell