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Anybody Comparing The Tuck Rule To Pushgate Is a Moron of Epic Proportion




I just had to write this blog. I didn’t want to, but I felt I owed it to the world. Patriot hater Nation is in full effect the last 24 hours. Every team, every fan we ever humiliated crawling out from whatever rock they were hiding under saying the Patriots deserved for the league to rig the game yesterday because we’ve been too good for too long. And then like clockwork simpletons like KFC mention the Tuck Rule. Somehow insinuating that these two plays were remotely comparable. Honestly it’s the dumbest analogy I’ve ever heard in my life.

First of all the Tuck Rule was not called in live action. It was a play that the refs had to review because it was under 2 minutes and all turnovers or big plays get reviewed. The rule was clearly in the rule book. It wasn’t even close. Walt Coleman had no choice but to reverse the call at that point unless he just felt like ignoring the rulebook. In fact he said it was an EASY decision to reverse it. Because if he didn’t he would have been crucified after the game and it probably would have set planet earth on an irreversible path of destruction. Furthermore the game didn’t end with the Tuck Rule. The Raiders till had the chance to win the game after that in OT.

Now as far as yesterday’s debacle goes there is still debate whether that penalty was even a real rule. Belichick insists that if you line up on the line of scrimmage you are allowed to stunt and push into the middle of the line. The fact that NFL changed the wording of their rulebook to cover their tracks after the game seems to validate that point. But honestly that’s irrelevant. Even if this rule does exist (which is still highly debatable) it still doesn’t excuse what happened or make it similar to the Tuck Rule play. Because unlike the Tuck Rule nobody in a billion years would have said a peep if the ref didn’t throw the flag there. It wouldn’t have been reviewed or ever talked about again. Nobody noticed it. Nobody would have complained. The refs hand was forced in the Tuck Rule game. They had to make a call. They made the right one. This was the complete opposite. It’s kind of like how you can call holding on any play you want. If a ref wants to rig a game there is nothing anybody can do to stop it. I think everybody in the world can agree you want to let players decide games for themselves. Throwing a mystery flag on a penalty that’s never been called in the history of the league, on a rule change that isn’t really a rule, on an impossible OT field goal attempt can’t be an accident. It’s cheating plain and simple and couldn’t be further from the Tuck Rule play where the ref had no choice. This time it was dirty. Clearly the ref had money on the Jets and needed them to win so he rigged the game. That’s the only explanation how you could throw that flag at that point in the game.