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Reader Email - Just Your Casual Saturday Night In Worcester With Joey Fatone Singing Bye Bye Bye at Cigar Masters

Reader Email

Hey guys,

Not sure if this is the best email to send along this gem of a story to but figured its worth a shot.

Last night I went to Cigar Masters in Worcester . The place is absolutely jammed when we walk in and for some reason every girl in the building is trying to get there picture taking with some bearded dude in a V neck. I got closer to see what all the hype was about and realized this dude was no other than Mr. Joey Fatone of Nsync. Guy was the absolute man. Took pics with anyone that asked and eventually made his way to the mic to sing along with the band that was playing that night. When the band’s set ended the crowd began chanting “ONE MORE SONG” and Fatone saw this as a great opportunity to relive his old panty dropping days by singing the classic “BYE BYE BYE”. Needless to say it was a pretty big night for Worcester standards.


Saying this was a pretty big night for Worcester standards is probably the biggest understatement in the history of understatements. I mean the only way it could be bigger would have been if JT himself was singing. And speaking of JT has there ever been a clearer example of who the talent was? I mean I’ve never been in a boy band but I’m pretty sure I could smoke Fatone with my version of Bye Bye Bye.  Don’t believe me?  Boom roasted.