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DeSean Jackson is Officially Visiting the Redskins on Monday

Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 7.35.43 PM


Hey, I have zero, none, zippy proof DeSean is in a gang, knows someone in a gang, or even knows what a gang is*. What I do have proof of are his 1300 receiving yards and 9 TDs last season. Glad he won’t be on the Eagles to torch the Skins any longer, got real sick of seeing this.



The Skins haven’t had the flashiest offseason, mostly signing free agents to add depth. Jackson would be the golden goose. I would love him joining the Skins. Opposite of Garcon, with a healthy Jordan Reed at tight end and Alfred Morris pounding the rock. RG3 would have all the weapons he needs to succeed.

Let’s not forget, this team went 10-6 two seasons ago. 3-13 last year with a restricted salary cap and Griffin coming into the season with no offseason reps and his knee not healed. Adding DeSean would be huge. I’m all about it. Hopefully they don’t let him leave Redskins Park on Monday without inking a deal. Sign him up!

*Unless he signs elsewhere. Then he has 100% killed someone.