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Police Tell Antonio Brown to Take His Donated Money and Shove it Up His Ass

Source - The Hollywood Police Dept. is sick and tired of Antonio Brown treating their officers like crap -- so, they've severed ties with the NFL star and even returned a large donation check. ...

As we previously reported, the HPD had allowed Brown for years to work out at their Police Athletic League football field. We posted video of AB training there in October as he tried to get back in the NFL. A spokesperson told us at the time AB had a great reputation with the cops.

In fact, cops say Brown had financially sponsored the HPD's 7-on-7 football league.

But, things have soured between the two sides ... and it's all spelled out in a new statement from the HPD detailing multiple incidents involving police where Brown treated officers terribly.

One incident took place on Dec. 14 when cops were called to AB's home for a domestic dispute involving his baby mama, Chelsie Kyriss.

"While Officers were on scene, Mr. Brown treated them with disrespect and disdain."

Cops say after the incident, they tried to contact Brown to talk things out but they couldn't get a hold of him ... so they decided to end things for good.

Ultimately, the HPD says "We made the decision to sever ties between Mr. Brown and the Hollywood Police Athletic League. We did not want our youth to be subject to this type of behavior nor emulate the actions of Mr. Brown."

As a general rule, I'm not in favor of giving back money to terrible people. I'm a big believer that whenever possible, you should take whatever you can from the objectively awful and use their resources to do whatever good you can. Whether it's Pablo Escobar building housing for the poor with blood money or making your dickhead neighbor who runs his lawnmower early on Saturdays buy your kid's school fundraiser chocolate bars. And everyone in between. 

I think I've referenced this before, but there's a play by George Bernard Shaw called "Major Barbara," about a Salvation Army leader who doesn't want to take donations from people who make their money selling munitions and whiskey. In it, Shaw takes the unusual step of spelling out right at the beginning in a sort of preamble what point he's trying to make. And it's that the poor you can help with that money need bread and soup, and don't have the luxury of your high moral stance. So just shut up, and take the money and do right with it. Basically, get over yourself. 

Like I said, that's how I look at it, in almost every instance. But not this time. In this case, I'm all about the Hollywood PD throwing Brown's money back in his face and telling him to piss off. 

It's hard enough being a cop and keeping the peace when it's becoming increasingly fashionable to call them all a bunch of violent, racist/sexist/xenophobic hate mongers who love nothing more than emptying their gun into innocent people for the thrill of the kill. If you're going to take money from a guy who talks to you the way Brown does on a domestic call - the worst kind of call to have to respond to, as any cop will tell you - it's a terrible look. You're just selling out. And doing damage to your whole department that you won't be able to undo. It's the law enforcement equivalent of a stripper picking up the dollar bills of some asshole who verbally abused her the whole time she was dancing. The difference is, an exotic dancer needs the money. No 7-on-7 football league or youth rec center needs it so much it's worth sacrificing their integrity for it. 

Not to mention, if you keep accepting payments from a misanthropic piece of shit like Antonio Brown, you're just sending the message anyone can get away with inexcusable assholerly just so long as they have the cash to buy their way out of it. Then good luck next time you have to deal with some unhinged dickhead going off and threatening his wife and kids. No amount of money is worth empowering the worst kinds of people in the world. Good move, HPD.

P.S. It's so hard to believe Tom Brady and Gisele let this guy stay in their house. Absolutely unfathomable.