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The Latest Video Of Tyson Fury Shit Talking Deontay Wilder Directly To His Face Is My Favorite Clip On The Internet

Unreal. Forget Larry Bird, forget Michael Jordan, forget Muhammad Ali- Tyson Fury is the greatest trash talker of all time. Ninety percent of it is his accent, but I don’t care. The entire exchange was fantastic:

Wilder: Didn’t I saw I was gonna baptize that ass? 

Fury: I’m still waiting to be baptized.

Wilder: Oh I did that…

Fury: Well at least you started listening to me now. You’re getting a bit of class with that suit on. Copying me a suit over her-

Wilder: You can never -

Fury: I’ll give you a little bit of dress sense.

Wilder: You can never compete against a dresser- 

Fury: And you’ve got a nice nose piercing you little bitch! Two round. 

Wilder: How you gonna knock me out?!

Fury: Two rounds. Two rounds and out. I’m going to hit you on the point of the chin. The legs are going to go WOOOO!!!!

Wilder: I want you to be terrified. 

Fury: I’m absolutely shitting myself. 

Wilder: It’s not going to be pleasurable. 

Fury: I’m frightened. I was so frightened last time as well. 

Wilder: But it’s okay to be nervous. 

Fury: I am nervous. I’m scared to death. You’re so scary. Look at me. I’m quaking wooo!!!!

All I ask is that next time he throws in a “I’m going to dog walk you” at some point. Hearing that roll of his tongue would be great. God this fight is going to be unreal. I’m so sick of seeing small guys in the ring. I want to see some bruisers slug it out. If I was a betting man I’d say Deontay is going to take it, but I really want Fury to knock him out. Who knows. February 22nd can’t come soon enough.

And because I mentioned Larry earlier, here’s my real favorite trash talk clip of all time. My parents had this on a ‘Larry Bird highlight” VHS tape back in the day. Poor Xavier Mcdaniels.