Ja Morant Is So Goddamn Fun

Not exactly breaking news here, but maybe you've heard of this Ja Morant fella. Turns out he's pretty good and a whole lot of fun of watch. That's pretty much been the story since the season started and why he's the clear favorite for the ROY, but the shit he's pulling tonight against the Rockets are a nice little reminder of what he can do. You come for the dunking, but you stay for the court vision. Morant has this looking like the Showtime Grizzlies and it's no surprise he is a huge reason why this is a playoff team right now. That's right, the Grizzlies have won 5 in a row, are sitting in the 8 seed, and currently have a lead over the Rockets at the half. 

To be honest, I should hate this. My beloved Celtics are once again going to get boned with someone else's lottery pick and the Grizzlies first round pick this year is going to convey. That pick is going to be trash most likely. It certainly is losing value by the day which is rather important for the team I root for, but I can't watch those highlights and not love it as a basketball fan. The duo of Morant and JJJ is probably going to terrorize this conference for decades. To think this is the worst they'll ever be is pretty crazy and I don't even care if they get swept in the first round. I need to see Ja Morant & Co in a playoff series doing crazy shit. Imagine he takes down the Lakers? I'm not ruling it out.

But like I said, this isn't the first time we've seen him be ridiculous this season. As you can see, this is basically an every night occurance