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Horrible NCAA Decision Made Right as Tennessee Big Man Uros Plavsic is Cleared to Play

Let's go! We got a new lease on life this season.

This is a massive break for Tennessee. The Vols have been plagued all season by the lack of an inside presence — yet still have the 10th-best scoring defense in the NCAA. This team could be a Virginia-like defensive juggernaut with a 7-footer in the fold. The boys are fired up about it.

The NCAA's case for not clearing Plavsic in the first place was ridiculous, but thankfully someone finally made the correct decision. Long story short, after attending high school in Chattanooga, Tenn., Plavsic spent last year at Arizona State — because ASU hired a former UT-Chattanooga assistant from Plavsic's native Serbia — and did not play a single minute. That coach was then let go after the season and the Uros decided to return to Tennessee, which he considers his home in America. Despite the fact he essentially already used an entire season redshirting at ASU, it took until mid-January to get him eligible at UT — but at least we got to this point at all.

This once-bleak basketball season is officially back on. Learn how to pronounce this guy's name, because you're going to be hearing it a lot as we march towards the NCAA Tournament with a reinvigorated pep in our step. Let's ride!