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Timeflies Throws Their Hat in the Rape Culture Ring Referencing UConn's “Rape Trail” During UConn Homecoming Concert

Huffpo – Students at the University of Connecticut cheered wildly after the music duo Timeflies mentioned their campus’ so-called “rape trail” during a performance at a Homecoming Week kick-off event. During the Oct. 7 performance, captured on a recently circulated video, Cal Shapiro, one of the members of Timeflies, raps about UConn cultural references over a remix of Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop.” He mentions the “rape trail” early on: “How could they shut down Carriage, and what you know, I never save it, we gonna bring it back like the m****f**kin’ rape trail.” The crowd of UConn students at the concert responded to the “rape trail” mention with a loud cheer. Some of them took their excitement to Twitter:

— Jackie Fisher (@jackiefishh) October 8, 2013

UPDATE, 9:15 p.m.: University of Connecticut President Susan Herbst issued a statement Tuesday evening condemning the cheers at the mention of the “rape trail” during the concert:
The sentiment expressed by some attendees at this event in no way represents the mindset or culture of the UConn student body as a whole. Those who cheered at a reference to sexual assault may believe they were being ironic or humorous in some way. They did not succeed. Far from it, and regardless of intent, it has been interpreted by some as a display of indifference to the issue of sexual assault and to victims of sexual violence. Many engaged students at UConn are deeply involved in sexual assault prevention, and I am very proud of these leaders. They are among so many thoughtful students who devote their time and effort to philanthropy, to improving our institution, and, most of all, to one another.


Rape Culture Schmape Culture. Did I hear somebody say Lil Brit? Fuck yeah! #36 Top video of 2012. To the window to the wall!


Oh and I don’t think any Uconn students were actually cheering for rape.   I don’t think they are saying they are okay with girls getting assaulted on the rape trail.  Just probably cheering that Timeflies was referencing inside Uconn jokes. But that don’t change the fact KO Barstool will get it all twisted and say they are pro rape. That’s generally how the cookie crumbles.