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Arod Has His Barber Shave His Legs

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NYDNDisgraced Yankee Alex Rodriguez had a lot of close shaves at the plate — and apparently in the clubhouse too. The suspended slugger — currently serving a season-long ban for his role in a steroid scandal — shaves his arms and legs, according to the Bronx barber who gives the Yankees regular trims. “I don’t know if he shaves his chest or anything more — I’ve never seen above the leg,” laughed Jose Moises Lopez, 35, who counts most of the Yankees roster among his high-profile clients. “He always takes the hair off his legs. He always cares for himself, it’s better, he feels more hygienic,” Lopez said Friday from his shop near Yankee Stadium. The baseball barber once even gave the home-run hitter a hand, he admitted. “I was in the clubhouse before a game and I saw A-Rod shaving his legs with clippers,” Lopez said of the bizarre encounter about four years ago. “He has his own pair.” “It was a little uncomfortable for him, you know, the angle, and he wasn’t doing it well. I was afraid he was going to cut himself,” Lopez recalled. He offered to do the job for A-Rod and quickly started buzzing the fuzz off the infielder’s legs. “It was just bad luck that Jorge Posada passed by and saw it,” chuckled Lopez. “His eyes grew huge and he burst out laughing. He couldn’t believe it and started teasing me about doing Alex’s legs.”

Heroes get remembered…but legends never die. Alex Rodriguez will never play another inning in a Yankees uniform but the New York papers will never, ever stop roasting him. I almost feel bad for the News and the Post. Their cash cow is gone. Their gravy train is coming to a halt. Alex Rodriguez’s career ending for the NY papers is gonna be like the day Tom Brady retires for Pats fans. Its like they don’t even know what to do. Just trying to hold on for dear life. What’s that?? Arod’s barber shaves his legs! We’re back in business baby! Front page news!

I mean I probably could have told you this without this investigative report. If there’s ever a guy that would A) Shave his legs, and more importantly B) let another man shave his legs, its Arod. I mean its 2014 so who really cares anymore, but Arod and his barber are most definitely having sex. You don’t shave another dudes legs without having sex with him. Thats just a fact. Stone cold fact. I’m straight and if somehow I found myself getting my legs shaved by another man I’d be like “Welp now we have to have sex.” Its just a rule. The real question is whether or not he shaves his pussy.