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A National Championship Ring Don't Mean A Thing If You Don't Get That Diploma

Here's the thing--I saw a lot of folks yesterday rooting pretty heavily on both sides for the National Championship. And all I want to say is that you better keep that same energy when these kids are taking their finals because, keep in mind, they are STUDENT-athletes. You ever wonder why nobody ever refers to them as athlete-students? It's because the "student" always comes first. 

It's just sad because all you guys seem to care about is how many TDs Joe Burrow threw this season. But do you want to know an acronym that means way more than TD? It's GPA. How many of you can tell me Joe Burrow's GPA right now? You all seem to know how many completions he threw this season but can you tell me how many homework assignments he completed? It just makes me sick. 

And yes, I am fully aware that Joe Burrow has his diploma after he was able to graduate in 3 years at Ohio State. Which is honestly more impressive than the 60 touchdowns. I mean when you have receivers like Justin Jefferson and Ja'Marr Chase, I feel like any one of us could step in there and at least throw for 20 touchdowns just by putting the ball in the air. But getting that degree? Maybe the best highlight of Joe Burrow's career. I just wish the LSU video production crew would throw a couple edits together of Joe Burrow doing his homework instead of smoking a cigar. But I guess that wouldn't end up on ESPN the next day because they clearly don't care about these kids getting an education. All they care about is exploiting them to make a fuck ton of money by having a national championship game played on a Monday night that takes roughly 7 hours after all the commercials are over with. Scumbags.