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The Red Sox Aren’t Just Beating The Tigers In This Series They Are Slowly Pulling Out All Their Fingernails, Toenails, Teeth And Torturing them To Death




Well the ALCS is effectively over. The Tigers needed to win that game to have any chance in this series. Nobody comes back from two losses like they just suffered. Just gruesome, heart wreching defeats. The Papi Grandslam game followed by Big Hoss dominating Justin Verlander. The Tigers having 1st and 3rd with 1 out in the 8th with their 2 best hitters up only to watch the Kamikaze kids blown them away like they were 1st graders. And to add insult to injury the only run of the game was a Mike Napoli HR which is the first time he made contact all playoffs. Everything and I mean everything is breaking our way. And make no mistake about it. This is not a fluke. It’s not just a matter of a lucky break here or there. This is what this team has done all season. They find a way to win and break the other team’s spine in the process. It’s Blood Sweat and Beards.