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Justin Verlander is Bitching About Shane Victorino Cheating


Globe- Shane Victorino has been hit by a pitch five times in the playoffs, to go with the 18 times he was plunked in the regular season, and from the vantage point of Tigers ace Justin Verlander, some of the pitches that hit him weren’t the pitchers’ fault. “I’ve seen some pitches that he got hit on that were strikes,” Verlander said. “So, I mean, I don’t think you can worry about that. I think just whoever is the home plate umpire needs to be aware that he’s up there.” In August, Victorino, a switch hitter, started hitting exclusively from the right side of the plate. In the last two months of the season, he was hit 15 times. Verlander said sometimes it appears as if he’s eating pitches on purpose. “Anything on the inner half, occasionally he’s looking to get hit,” Verlander said. “He’s up there, he’s right on top of the plate. And his arms are over the batter’s box and over part of the plate. If he doesn’t get out of the way, there could be an occasion that it could be a strike and it actually hits him.”

I love it.  Verlander hasn’t even taken the mound yet and Victorino is already so deep inside his head he should be paying rent.  Newsflash, Verlander: Some guys have the testicles to take one for the team and some guys don’t.  If you don’t like Victorino hanging out over the plate and don’t want to put him on, then pitch him low.  Or put a fastball into his elbow and shatter it into a thousand pieces.  That’s how baseball’s handled it since the dawn of time and it’s worked out pretty well so far.  But whining about it and trying to work the umps before you’ve thrown a pitch is not only unmanly, it’s unAmerican.  Have some pride, man.  You’re banging Kate Upton for Christ’s sake.  You owe it to men everywhere to nut up and quit sounding like a such a bitch.  If Victorino is willing to sacrifice his body Rudi Stein style, either respect it or make him pay.  But this bellyaching is just beneath the dignity of us all.  @JerryThornton1