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Marshawn Lynch Is Going To Be On Bar Rescue For What Could Be The Greatest Episode Of American Television Ever

Every decade is defined by the greatest duo of that era. Montana and Rice dominated the 80s. Jordan and Pippen owned the 90s. Shaq and Kobe locked down the 2000s while LeBron and Wade took over the 2010s. Now Taffer and Lynch have planted their flag as the greatest 1-2 combo of 2020s less than two weeks after the ball dropped in Times Square. 

I'm not even talking about two of the most quotable, entertaining, don't give a fuck personalities on the planet teaming up for what is for sure going to be Must Watch TV. But the magic those two are going to pull off together will be the stuff legends are made of. Taffer's big bar brain will get people in the door, perfectly mixed drinks on the table, food marketed better than anything Don Draper did on the plates, and the fear of God in every single slacking employee. If any problems pop up, Taffer will shut that shit down before glowing it back up. Then Marshawn will handle how much chicken should be saved as well as impeccable eye for ambience and decor.

Put it all together and you can write the 5 star Yelp review before you even enter the door.

Also, if this episode of Bar Rescue doesn't lead to the greatest buddy cop movie since Die Hard, what is Hollywood even doing?