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Amazon Prime's Docuseries "All or Nothing" Announces its Feature Team for Season 5 : The Philadelphia Eagles

Lets. Fucking. Go

I fucking love this shit. Every single time I watch one of these NFL docuseries, whether it be All or Nothing or Hard Knocks, I always fantasize about the birds being featured. Well its finally fucking happening. What a great year to put the boys in green on the stage too. So many roller coasters, so many story lines.

I can't fucking wait to shotgun all of the beers in celebration after the Dallas win,

I cant wait to cry my eyes out watching the McCown/ Ertz interaction after the playoff loss.

There are so many behind closed doors story lines that I hope they caught. I need a reaction of the locker room after the whole Orlando Scandrick saga.

I need to feel the awkwardness of the Eagles re-signing and re-releasing Ajayi and Jordan Matthews.

I need to see the post game reactions to the drop ball games from Arcega-Whiteside and Agholor

I need it all. There is no chance I do a single thing on the weekend of February 7th before I watch every single episode. God I can't wait. Happy fucking Monday.