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We Don't Drink Nearly Enough SunnyD As Adults

Before we even get started here, let me just make it abundantly clear that there are no free ads here. Nor do I own any stock in Sunny Delight (I don't even know how to purchase stocks in general). I'm just a man who simply has no idea how such a delicious drink could practically vanquish from our regular rotation of beverages.

Now don't get me wrong. I think that one of the only advantages about getting older is that your tastebuds start to develop and evolve. It allows you to expand your palette and introduces your world to things like Brussels sprouts, dark chocolate and bourbon. All are great and all would have made you immediately gag as a small child. But you're lying to nobody more than yourself right now if you think that your tastebuds have evolved beyond taking down a tall glass of SunnyD. Which is why it makes very little to zero sense why you almost never see it anymore. 

When is the last time you were at a restaurant and saw SunnyD in the beverage section of their menu? Probably never. Do restaurants hate making money or something? Because that would be the only reasonable explanation for keeping it off. Or how about the last time you went to the bar and saw SunnyD on tap? I can guarantee you that a bar with SunnyD on tap would never have to worry about playing host to a bar fight ever again since it is impossible to be anything but delightful whilst drinking a beverage that has "delight" in its name. 

It's just sad because a lot of you drank your last sip of SunnyD one day without even knowing it. Maybe you were at a little league tournament between games. Maybe you had just gotten home for dinner after playing capture the flag for the past 4 hours. Who knows exactly when it was, but I'm just sick of pretending like we're all too good for SunnyD now that we've become "adults" and have "jobs" and "don't need to be drinking artificially flavored juice with zero nutritional value anymore". And I feel like I'm not alone in saying that.