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This Squirrel Is Dumb Thicc, Chomping Down On An Egg Roll, Just Living His Best Life

We're now 2 weeks into January. I haven't done any actual research on this but I have to imagine that by this point, roughly 75% of people have already given up on their new years resolution. And if you're still going strong today, good for you but chances are you'll want to just give up now. Because no matter what you do to try to better your life in the year 2020, this squirrel is still going to be living a better life than you. 

Just look at this mother fucker. How did he acquire a fully intact entire egg roll like that? It's not like he went scavenging through some trash and found a half-eaten one. This is a full egg roll straight out of the pack he's scarfing down. Probably straight out of the deep fryer, too. Still deliciously warm on the inside with that perfect amount of crunch on the outside. And this is only a 4 second clip. We have no idea what went down before the camera started rolling. It wouldn't surprise me if this squirrel just took down an entire order of General Tso's before he broke into that egg roll. And you know for a fact that he's not ending his meal without a fortune cookie. I bet this husky ass squirrel has eaten so many fortune cookies in his life that he even ends reading his fortune with "in bed" every time. 

Sidenote: I can't tell where that squirrel is based on the video but really hoping he got that egg roll from Golden Chopsticks on 18th and Spring Garden. Best shitty Chinese in the city.