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If I've Said It Once I've Said It A Thousand Times....DO NOT GIVE TOM BRADY THREE 2 MINUTE DRILLS!


WOW!   That’s all I can say.  WOW.  This is the game that is going to change the season.   Guys knocked out left and right.   Gronk tearing up the practice field.  Dropped passes.  Missed WR’s.   Everything looked lost.   And then boom.   Brady leads the Pats on the most improbably TD drive maybe of his career and reminding everybody that Dynasties never die.   As long as we have #12 we are never out of game.   And the best part is I think that counted for 3 runs in the Sox game.   Oh that’s right now it’s time for the ALCS.    Yup I’d probably kill myself if I wasn’t from Boston right about now.  Somebody do me a favor and cue the music!

PS – Should the Tigers just forfeit tonight?