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Steroids Are Up 1 Game To None In The ALCS

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Would I have liked a hit before the 9th? Sure I would have. But, what are you going to do? Jhonny Peralta and steroids took game 1. Some teams outside of Boston need to cheat in order to get the W, I guess. Personally, I’d rather win it clean. And that’s exactly what the Sox will do tomorrow. Because I don’t know much, but I know the top scoring offense in baseball doesn’t get shut out 2 nights in a row. Just doesn’t happen. Sanchez threw a gem tonight and I won’t say differently, but while the Tigers bats have been snoozing for over a month the Sox will bounce back. I don’t care how good your pitching staff is, you’re not going to keep beating the Red Sox by putting up 1 run. So buckle up, folks. We’ve got a series on our hands.