Quick Update From Los Angeles - Bill Walton Is Licking Peanut Butter Off Of A Camera

There are a few guarantees in life. Death and taxes obviously are two. The other one is that if there is peanut butter on a camera, Bill Walton is going to lick the shit out of the camera. Every Thursday and Saturday night him and Dave Pasch just deliver pure gold. You never know what the new 'bit' is going to be. The hits will be played with Walton dropping hints that he's high. This year? This year it's peanut butter based all thanks to Oregon. 

This is really on Dave Pasch, the camera crew and the Bruin mascot for bringing over the peanut butter. You don't set something like that up around someone who is as consistently high as Bill Walton. Because guess what? He's going to do it. He's going to eat peanut butter on air. He's going to rub it on the camera and then lick it off. There is no hesitation with Bill Walton - if he sees something that looks fun or entertaining he's going to do it right then and there. Long live Bill Walton. Long live late night basketball with Bill Walton.

I still can't believe that Walton is one of the greatest college hoops players ever. What a bizarro world for someone that grew up watching him then to now.