Baylor Just Got Its FIRST EVER Win At Phog Allen, Absolutely Beating The Hell Out Of Kansas

I know that everyone is waiting to see if Clemson can win for the first time in 60 tries at Chapel Hill today, but we just got history in a way bigger game. Baylor - who is the best team in the country - got its first ever win at Phog Allen, absolutely kicking the shit out of Kansas. Yeah, I know Devon Dotson ended up being banged up in the second half and missing some time, but I don't think it would have mattered today. Jared Butler was that damn good for Baylor. He finished with 22, but he just kept getting big shot after big shot. 

Now if you listened to my podcast (shameless plug, but you can subscribe and listen here) I've talked plenty about how balanced this Baylor team is. They do lack top-end talent, but they can be somewhat like 2016 Nova. What I mean by that is during that year everyone talked about how Nova didn't have NBA guys - they ended up having 8. I don't think Baylor has that firepower, but they are made up in a similar fashion. They have a bunch of guards that can spread you out defensively and are incredibly balanced. 

The whole Baylor comeback story is pretty crazy. I know 2003 sounds like a lifetime ago, but that's when that piece of shit Dave Bliss was in charge of the program and tried pinning a murder of one of his player (by a teammate) on drugs so he wouldn't get caught paying players. What Scott Drew has done turning Baylor into a decent program and now the best team in the country is pretty remarkable, especially the sanctions that were given to Baylor. 

Just remember Baylor come March. They have the guard play (Butler/Davion Mitchell/MaCio Teague/DeVonte Bandoo) that's good enough to win a title. But for now we're 1 for 1 on ending bizarre losing streaks. Remember, there was a time that Scott Drew had lost at Phog Allen more than Bill Self had lost there. That is no longer the case.