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Hey, College Basketball. Boo! - Be Very, Very Scared That Kentucky Fixed Its Problems And Looks Like Kentucky Again

Remember idiots who wrote Kentucky off after an 0-2 trip to Vegas? Of course you do, you were one of them. Kentucky hasn't lost since then, not surprising, since that's what Kentucky does every year, but more importantly they figured shit out. Most importantly, they started running the 3-guard lineup even though Immanuel Quickley doesn't start. That allows floor spacing and the ability to run the dribble drive and motion offense that Calipari loves to run. 

You see that? That's Immanuel Quickley, who has turned into Doron Lamb. If you know Kentucky hoops you know who I'm talking about. He has turned into the guy who, it doesn't matter when the shot is, just feels like he's not going to miss. It's why he's shooting over 60% from three the last 4 games now. 

That there is Nick Richards. Since you probably wrote Kentucky off since you hate Calipari might not realize that there are very few bigs, if any, across the country playing better than Richards. He's the most improved player in the country - tough pill for the Calipari can't develop/coach crowd. He's turned into a guy who can run to the rim, rebounds, pick and pop and protect the rim. They are running sort of a death lineup because of him. They surround him with the 3 guards and a shooter in Nate Sestina to let him go to work 1v1 in the post. Good luck stopping that. 

That's before we even talk about Hagans and Maxey turning into the two go-to guys. Maxey is figuring out his role and adapting to the college level. It just took him a couple months to get there after the Michigan State game. Cal is running plays for him to attack on the circle cut and he's learning how to read that offense. Hagans is just the guy that's going to do it all. He's becoming the best on ball defender in the country, his shooting has improved and he's finishing at the rim. 

All in all, we go through this routine every year. Kentucky has a couple losses in December and people who hate Calipari (the majority of dummies in America) write Kentucky off. Then they figure shit out in February and everyone talks about them being a top-5 team again. The problem is they are figuring shit out in January.