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I Think Iran Just Got Meme'd To Death

That’s just a great internet video right there. Something entered Mike’s brain and said “you know what you’re doing today? Dubbing “Mr. Brightside” over a video of Iranian’s chanting “Death to America”. And so that’s what he did, and it’s internet gold Jerry, it’s internet gold. I think he meme’d Iran to death.

And that’s just the beauty of the world wide web.

Happy Saturday everyone. Hope you all have a great day. Just remember if you’re going through hell, keep going. A positive attitude, setting goals, and working step by step to achieve them can go a long way. Often times we want the quick fix when in reality the quick fix simply doesn’t exist. But making a plan, sticking to it, and not wavering even when it feels hopeless will push you towards success. Good luck and gosh bless.