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It's Never Too Early To Start Working On Your Summer Gooch

I have no idea what the title of my blog means but it made me chuckle to myself so whatever. But also, why not work out your gooch and get it in tip top shape for the summer? Everyone is so focused on getting their bodies in the best shape possible for the beach but for some reason they leave out the gooch. Makes no sense. That guy might’ve just changed the game forever. I’m not a doctor but there has to be benefits for having a rock hard gooch. Just yesterday there was an article that said if you electrocute your gooch it’ll help you last longer so there’s clearly more about that area that we don’t know. Maybe a strong gooch means longer lasting sex. Maybe a strong gooch means a longer life span. Maybe a strong gooch combats cancer! The possibilities are endless! Much like Alaska, the gooch is the last frontier. It’s at least worth exploring for potential health benefits.