Josh Duhamel Compared His New Smokeshow Girlfriend Audra Mari to Patrick Mahomes

Josh Duhamel hopped on the Dan Patrick Show today to talk some football and slipped out that he was meeting his dad and his girl for the Vikings game in San Francisco. That prompted Dan Patrick to ask him to compare his girlfriend, Audra Mari, to an NFL quarterback. He went with a great quick answer in Patrick Mahomes. The Chiefs QB is the shiny new race car in the NFL and that's ideally who you want as your girlfriend. Duhamel is a die hard Vikings fan, but if he compared Mari to Kirk Cousins he'd probably need to look for a new girlfriend once she got wind of it. He won one big game, let's relax. 

Young. Versatile. Can throw the deep ball. Ambidextrous. Patrick Mahomes. Audra Mari. 

Yeah I'd say Mahomes was a good call. What an upgrade from Fergi. Good for you Duhamel.