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Josh Manson Sent Jason Dickinson Into Another Dimension Last Night


When a guy’s father was known as “Charlie” (Manson) during his NHL playing days, it shouldn’t be a total shock when the son has a hand in nearly taking a life in Southern California. Because Anaheim Duck Josh Manson absolutely fucking hammered Dallas Star Jason Dickinson last night with a hit that was both clean and a clock-cleaner.

Given the contact with the head, I’m sure there are calls for a suspension on Facebook and other outlets where the atom-splitters gather. But Dan O’Rourke, a respected ref who’s been around for over 20 years, clearly saw the play and didn’t deem the hit penalty-worthy. And as of 10:30AM Friday, the DOPS has said nary a word.

Even if the DOPS does decide to have a hearing for the hit, it wouldn’t be a surprise if they opt for no discipline given the way it handled New York Ranger Ryan Lindgren’s hit on Colorado’s Joonas Donskoi.

This wasn’t Dickinson’s first rodeo when it comes to teeth-rattling GIFs…

Here’s hoping he’s feeling fine today.

(Do GIFs keep GIFing while we sleep?)