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How Long Before Dominos Releases A Cookie Pizza?

Nice try, Dominos. I know some reverse psychology product testing bullshit when I see it. They kept running this commercial last night during the Nets Raptors. “Ha Ha Ha, one time we had this terrible idea for a Cookie Pizza. Look here is exactly what the cookie pizza box would look like. It was going to be a big cookie in the shape of a pizza. Ha Ha Ha nobody would have ever liked that. Such a failure here at Dominos!”

Oh whats that? Literally everyone in America who sees this commercial thinks a cookie pizza sounds delicious and would buy one of these in a heartbeat if they were real? Well would you look at that! Who woulda thought it!

This is America, Dominos. We like pizza, we like cookies. We like pizza cookies and cookie pizzas. While you’re at it make cheesy bread into donuts somehow. I give it 2 weeks, one month max, before the Cookie Pizza is available at Dominos. And if this had already been released and truly did fail somehow then this is the attempt to relaunch because you know, I know, and Dominos knows this is whats best for America

PS – Don’t bother telling me about Papa Johns cookie pizza. On the hierarchy of shitty delivery pizza places it goes 1) Domino’s and then there’s about a zillion mile gap between Papa Johns at #2. I don’t think I’ve ever had a single bite of Papa Johns. And if Little Caesers still exists thats 3. Never had that either. Not sure what category Pizza Hut falls in. Its more like in the Uno territory. Bottom line is in the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king, and in the land of garbage pizza/pizza related products Dominos reigns king.