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Apparently PETA Thinks French Bulldogs Are Not Worthy Of A Loving Home?

According to Fox News, PETA is not very happy with AOC for adopting/rescuing an adorable French Bulldog, saying she set a bad example.

Source: Fox News

Would you just look at those two, does it get more adoptable than that?  Do they look like they deserve a loving forever home? Apparently PETA doesn't think so, because they are giving Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) an ear full for choosing to adopt one of these perfect specimens, instead of driving down to the local pound and picking out a shitty dog that has bad hips and doesn't get along with kids or cats.  

Listen, I'm a dog guy, I have two of my own and am currently about to spend around $1500 bucks to save ones life (humble brag), the very same one that I would absolutely give up for a million dollars, because while I am a dog guy, Im also not an idiot, but hear me out.

I am also a firm believer that once an animal is born and is in need of a loving home, they are ALL rescues, it doesn't matter if you adopt it from a third world country on some soul searching trip your parents paid for after college and fly it home and tell everyone with a face where you got it, it doesn't matter if you pick it out from your shelter, or if you spend two thousand dollars on it, it's a fucking "rescue" in my opinion.

According to those idiots over at PETA, “AOC had a chance to set a compassionate, responsible example in the face of the homeless-animal crisis, but instead, she apparently inadvertently contributed to the problem,” PETA President Ingrid Newkirk said in a letter. “PETA is urging her supporters not to follow her lead in this case and to stick up for the underdog by choosing to give a lovable mutt a new lease on life.”

So what if everyone followed that example, PETA?  What if that poor purebred dog never got adopted and had nobody to pay for its inevitable respiratory, joint, spinal, eye and heart problems that comes with the skillful inbreeding that particular breed needs??  How will that dog become an Instagram star girlfriends all over the world will spend hours a day watching, if nobody adopts it, ever think of that, PETA??  Do we all have to wait until a dog is crammed into a cage with one blanket, or go through some extreme abuse before they are worthy of adoption?  Do they all have to be some kind of "Pitbull mix" with bad skin to deserve adoption?  AND....Do you want those very responsible inbreeders to starve to death because nobody will buy their puppies? Is human life that unimportant to you, PETA??   IS THAT WHAT IT TAKES, PETA?!?!

Similarly....Am I supposed to only eat USDA Select meat when I know far more delicious USDA Prime exists with excellent fat marbling?  Am I only allowed to wear leather coats made from shitty bonded leather, when I know the full grain stuff is far more durable and has a higher re-sale value when I want to buy my new leather coat??  Am I only allowed to wear raccoon fur, when clearly I look better in seal???  HUH, PETA??

AOC clearly doesn't think so, and neither do I!  

Sorry, not sorry!

Maybe I'm missing some bigger picture here.....I'm probably missing some bigger picture here.... maybe I'm missing it on purpose for the sake of this blog, but in my eyes, every dog, no matter where they rest their little heads at night before finding their forever home, deserves the same shot at finding their human.  So unless you literally rescued your dog from the Australian wildfires, all you really did was pick out a shitty dog from the pound so you could say the word "rescue" over and over and over and over, when you probably really wanted that purebred..

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