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And the Pussification of America Continues: Football Coach Suspended For Not Letting Players Who Missed A Week of Practice Play In Game....Wait What?



UTICA Suspended Notre Dame High School head coach Byron Abraham will be in the Sherburne-Earlville grandstands Friday night when his football team plays the unbeaten and state-ranked Marauders for a share of first place. Calling the school’s decision “absurd,” Abraham said he was notified Monday morning of the one-week suspension after four players who missed last week’s practices did not play in Notre Dame’s 46-14 win over Clinton on Saturday. Abraham said those four players – all participants in the school’s Naval Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps program – were told well in advance that they would not play after an ROTC function kept them from practicing last week. I’ve been here 10 years now, and we’ve never once played the kids who left for a week.“I don’t know of a coach out there who would play a kid who missed a whole week of practice. What we did was right.” The players were allowed to dress. “They’re all good kids; I imagine they don’t feel good about this,” Abraham said. “It’s not their fault. It’s not the kids doing the squawking. It’s some parents, and I think that’s wrong on a lot of levels.“I think it’s deplorable that some parent can have that kind of influence and power and, ultimately, hurt the team.

Monster day for Pussification of America. First a middle school bans playing with footballs at recess then a family sues over their son not making varsity and now this. A football coach being suspended for not playing kids who missed a full week of practice. Listen I don’t give a shit that the reason these kids missed practice was legit. It doesn’t matter. They missed a full week of practice! Of course they don’t get to play in the game. How pissed would you be if you were the other guys who busted ass all week and then ride the pine when the non practice guy showed up. If anything this coach should be suspended if he let these kids play. It’s lunacy. And this is also precisely why I wouldn’t wish being a high school coach on my worst enemy. It’s a no win situation. Every single player on the team has to be 100% happy at all times and if 1 parent complains you get railroaded by spineless administrators who answer to nobody. It’s a fucking joke.