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Mike Leach ringing a cowbell is absolutely beautiful

There is no situation where a man doesn’t look sexier ringing a cowbell. Trust me. It’s science.

So when pirate enthusiast Mike Leach landed in Starkville today, it was natural that he would take up the custom of the locals and ring a cowbell as he exited the plane. He was so overcome with emotion that he was unable to show emotion. It was beautiful.

There he is, the next football coach at Mississippi State. Folks, I’ve been there. I own 37 cowbells. I rang a cowbell at my wedding. And cowbells will ring at my funeral. So when I see another man lucky enough to be welcomed into the Mississippi State universe, it just makes me happy.

I love this motherfucker already.

Some of you have photoshopped and edited video to make it look like I’ve said some less-than-flattering things about my new coach. I’m not pleased. You won’t get ahead in this world being dishonest. This was before I had all the information and therefore is invalid.

So here we are. I woke up today wondering what the day would bring: The answer was stepping in dog shit, my wife begging me for a new car and Mike Leach being named the 33rd head football coach in Mississippi State University history.

With all the mediocre coaches and programs in the Southeastern Conference, this is probably the breakthrough I’ve been waiting for my whole life. And I am so excited I can share this with all of you.