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And the Pussification of America Continues: Family Sues School District Because Their Son Didn't Make the Varsity Hockey Team



Democratandchronicle - The family of a former Webster Thomas hockey player has sued the school district and hockey coach for keeping him at the junior varsity level for four years “in spite of his advanced skills.” The lawsuit was filed last month by Webster resident Michelle Capellupo on behalf of her son, Stephen Capellupo. It claims the coach, 2008 New York State Coach of the Year David Evans, cut him from the team vindictively after the family complained to the school administration. “(Capellupo) was cut from the varsity team by Evans in retaliation for his good faith complaints … regarding the concerns about the manner in which (he) was being treated,” the lawsuit reads. “Evans’ failure to select plaintiff for the varsity team was an abuse of Evans’ power that had a deleterious effect on (Capellupo’s) future as a hockey player.” The lawsuit claims Capellupo’s right to equal protection was violated and seeks unspecified damages. It calls Evans “a notoriously vindictive and unapproachable coach.”


How do you even look yourself in the mirror if you’re Stephen Capellupo? I mean I can’t think of anything more embarrassing or degrading as a teenager than having your mommy sue because you didn’t make the varsity hockey team. Seriously I’d rather get pantzed in the middle of the cafeteria while I’m simultaneously asking a chick who is way out of my league to prom than this. Like congrats kid. Now you’re getting publicly humiliated on the Stool. Way to go.  How many times do your parents have to intervene in your life and complain before you realize that’s not how life works? There is no such thing as “good faith” complaints. If you go behind your bosses back or your coaches back and try to get them in trouble they’ll hold a grudge. That’s called reality. The sooner you learn it the better. And you know what else is reality? You’re not that good at hockey. If you were you would have made the team in the first place. Coaches are weird like that. They play guys who help them win.   Welcome to earth.