Guy Literally Ate His Hat Because He Lost a Bet That Bitcoin Wouldn't Drop Below $1,000

DigitalTrends - A Bitcoin believer on Reddit put his money where his mouth is – or, rather, put his hat where his mouth is – after losing a bet that the price of a Bitcoin would remain at $1,000 “come January 1st.” “I’ll eat a hat on video with ketchup if we’re below $1,000 come January 1st,” redditor “Anndddyyyy” said back in late November. Unfortunately for him, Bitcoin only managed to jump to about $750 on New Year’s Day 2014, and now sits at less than $600. “I was so sure of my drunken predictions that I offered to eat a hat on video with ketchup if I was wrong,” wrote Anndddyyyy in a follow-up post on Wednesday. “Well, I was wrong. Bitcoins and alcohol don’t go well together. Lesson learned.”


What’s there not to love about this video (besides that it’s 9 hours long so I didn’t watch it)? Guy makes a drunk bet, check. Guy owns up to drunk bet by having to eat his hat, check. Bitcoin is struggling, check. Can’t hate on this reddit bro one bit. He understands that when you make bets based on made up currencies, you can’t pay it off in make believe world. You pay it off in real life. While a lesser man, say like a football player, would have said the bet didn’t count, our dude Anndddyyyy gets that a bet is a bet is a bet. And I will no longer drunkenly say I’ll eat my own hat because he just set the precedent. If you say you’ll eat your hat with ketchup, you better eat your hat with ketchup or the bitcoins win.

PS: A guy contacted me on Twitter and said we can make NateBux a real thing. I hope he emails me because I want to live in a world where I have my own make believe but not make believe but still pretty make believe currency.