This Little Kid Running Out Of Batteries While Shoveling Snow Is Laugh Out Loud Funny

I can’t stop watching that video. The main account tweeted it last night, I watched it, I laughed a lot on my couch, woke up this morning, went back to it, watched it a couple more times at my desk and laughed even more. It’s not a video that’s gonna light the world on fire and go crazy viral but it makes me laugh out loud every single time and that’s what matters. It’s good clean internet fun. There’s so many good parts in such a small window of time. My favorite part is the little *poof* it makes when his head softly hits the snow. Hilarious.

The caption couldn’t be more true by the way, little dude looks like he runs outta batteries and simply cannot go another inch. Like, if that dad isn’t there to save the day and pick the kid up by his jacket, he’s still out there. He’s still out there in that driveway just waiting for someone to give him a fresh set of batteries. Kids really are the most helpless beings in the world. How did the first baby survive without parents? Makes you think. Again, that video isn’t gonna change the world but it’s gonna change a couple people’s days for the better, that I can guarantee.