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Detroit Lions Center Calls the Wisconsin Band "Fat Fucks" and "Fags"

Green BayDetroit Lions center Dominic Raiola set us back a few years today before and after the Lions began their game against the Green Bay Packers… The Wisconsin Band… typically performs for at least one Packers home game during the season… According to a Wisconsin tuba player, Raiola and his teammates were engaged in their pregame warm-ups on the field near the goal line when he turned around and called him and the other tubas “Fat motherfuckers” and told them that “they sucked.” According to that tuba player no one in the band had done anything to provoke him… As the band was preparing to play the National Anthem another band member [said] Raiola was yelling at him, saying such things such as “Hey fat guy, you want a hot dog?” …A third band member [said] Raiola was calling a band member near him a “fat fuck” prior to their pregame performance as well… One band member reported hearing a female member of the band say “Hey number 51,” referring to Raiola, which multiple band members told me he responded to by calling her “the c-word” as they were walking back to their seats… According to this band member Raiola made comments regarding his sexuality, as well as other insults involving his sister and recently deceased mother… one such insult was “[Raiola] was going to take his trumpet and shove it up his sister’s pussy” in addition to Raiola “repeatedly calling him a fag.”

Typical.  Just so freaking typical.  Seriously, if you told me this story but left out the details and said “Now guess which team the guy plays for” I wouldn’t have hesitated for a microsecond before I said “He’s got to be on the Lions.”  Because this is just so them.  There are plenty of fake punkass teams in the NFL, but they don’t come any faker or punkassier than these asshats.  Remember when they beat the Patriots in August fauxball?  They did everything short of hold a parade through their decrepit, bankrupt, dystopian hellscape of a city.  Not to mention all the cheapshots and fights and personal fouls they pride themselves on leading the league in.  So it’s only natural their center would be such a cowardly bitch he’d pick on the Wisconsin band.  Wow, way to bring it, tough guy.  I mean, you’ll notice he hasn’t been talking that kind of shit to the guys he has to face on Sunday.  No, he saves it some 19 year old tuba player who’s never been in a fight that didn’t involve a plastic lightsaber or 12-sided dice.  I’ll be honest with you; I knew nothing about Raiola before now.  But hearing this and looking at that picture, he’s just your prototypical phoney bully, only picking on easy targets. And I’ll wager anything he’s a closet case, like that guy on “Glee” who made life miserable for poor Kurt Hummel before one day slipping his tongue down his throat.  And I’m not saying any of this as a former band geek or anything.  Band required a level of commitment I was way too lazy to make. (My crowd’s only extracurricular activity was finding someone who could buy us beer.)  I just have no tolerance for fake tough guy chickenshits like Domenic Riola.  Winners seduce band chicks, they don’t threaten them with flute rape.  @JerryThornton1