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How Long Would It Take Someone Who Has Never Played An Instrument To Learn Voodoo Child On The Guitar?

 This week on Red Line Radio

"A year from now... I want to play a Stevie Ray Vaughn song ... I can cram 30 years into one year... I want to play Voodoo Child for the masses." - WhiteSoxDave

Credit to WSD for consistently boasting an industry-leading amount of irrational self-confidence. Sometimes you think he's gonna slow down and then Bang Bang he comes over the top with a brand new guitar with some brand new aspirations.

Some more credit: WSD knows a good amount about music. He knows his guitar players and bands and all that shit. Some would even say he knows enough about music not to make such ridiculous fucking statements but then again we're talking WSD.... all-gas-no-brakes-bull-in-a-china-shop like you read about. 

So I ask you guys. Music guys and non music guys. With no musical background other than maybe recording an Italian Beef rap song with me one time... 

So assume that's your reference for creating music through 30 years of life. Now you just bought a guitar. How long is it going to take for you to play this song well enough For The Masses?

Personally I give dave 27 years with a good chunk of that in prison, and that's even assuming he isn't dead. Under those circumstances I think Dave has a real shot at getting this thing down. Otherwise it would take a spiritual intervention, maybe a brain transplant and a whole lot of uppers. Learning something at 30 isn't easy and let's be honest. The song fucking BANGS. 

Stevie (Jimi version here)

Good luck Dave!