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John Daly Is Going To Fuck Miley Cyrus Right In America's Eye





Twitter game is the most important flirting tactic in the world right now and guess who has it in spades? John Daly. 140 character Casanova. He squeezed it all in. “Hey Miley I think you’re hot and entertaining and great at singing.” Boom, there’s your compliments and courting out of the way. Wait, but she thinks I’m a fat, drunk 47 year old slob so I better remind her that I still fuck like I’m 20. What did I look like at 20? Glad you asked.





Miley is going to hop on that mulleted beauty for a majestic ride in t-minus 10 days.   Oh and if you haven’t seen it here is Ack Surf’s newest tshirt. Good timing I suppose….