The Bank Accidentally Deposited $31,000 into a Teenagers Bank Account, The Kid Did The Right Thing and Spent It All

huell money breaking bad


Athens - A banking error created a fat bank account for a Hull teenager, whom Madison County sheriff’s deputies said went on a spending spree and pocketed $20,000 in cash. The error occurred March 7, when a Madison County man went into First Citizens Bank on U.S. Highway 29, Hull, and made a $31,000 deposit, but because there are several people by the same name with accounts at the bank, the teller put the money into the wrong account, according to the sheriff’s report. On March 17, the victim called the bank about the money missing from his account. Tellers looked into the matter and discovered the error, deputies said. However, by that time, the 18-year-old Hull man who wrongly received the money had withdrawn $20,000 cash and spent $5,000 using his ATM card, deputies said. The suspect came back into the Hull branch on March 18 wanting to withdraw more money, but a teller informed him of the mistake and asked him to return the money, deputies said. The teen then insisted the money was from an inheritance. A deputy went to the teen’s house, where the teen again said he thought the money came from his grandmother’s estate. The deputy told the teen the bank wants the money back as soon as possible, so the teen told the officer he would go to the bank and try to settle the matter without going to jail, according to the report. However, the teen never showed back at the bank and banking officials told investigators last week that if the suspect didn’t return the money, they would prosecute.

Finally! I’m so sick and so tired of people finding bundles of cash and so politely giving it back and getting a pat on the head. Finally a kid decided to make the most out of it and go fucking bananas with it. Can’t really blame the kid. $31,000 magically showed up in his bank account. That’s not called a mistake, that’s called a gift from the heavens. Baby Jesus laying in his manger watching his Baby Einstein videos smiling down on you, giving you the go-ahead to be reckless with your new-found wealth.

And why would he have to go to jail? I’d hate to break the news to the bank here, but he didn’t steal anything. The second money ends up in your bank account, it becomes yours. It’s how it works. In simplistic terms, finders keepers, bitch. If he had the foresight to spend it, that’s him outsmarting the big bad banks. And that’s something we can all rally around.