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Miltons Pimp My Look


Cross country kids are athletes now I guess.


Time to reload the Miltons machine. Send all sob stories to or and help us help you. And you need to send pictures! If you sent an email without a picture resend with one to be considered.


Today’s Contestant

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 1.41.07 PM




Reader Email



This is my dear friend Jonny, a DIII athlete over at Rochester Institute of Technology. It’s safe to say he’s a stallion among men, the kid can shrug off a 12 mile run any time of day and he’s regularly seen running around town shirtless. The issue comes when he has to cover up that runner’s body.  Help us dress Jonny like a real athlete while he’s tearing up the RIT campus next fall. 
The Redding Boys


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